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New to Mastodon? I made this automatically updated dashboard of potentially interesting people to follow, with the magic of : . Ping me if you want to know how to add to this list!

@vincent nice! I created one based on other authors in some journal... but that was pretty empty... your list is nice and great idea to include projects! (tho I am not sure how that works with the idea that an account for a brand is not recommended, or is that only on, and not on mastadon in general?)

@egonw Interesting! Mind sending over your query? My list includes any entity that has a mastodon identity on any server, may it be a person, an organization or a cat 😉 I think there is still a lot of people missing in the Wikidata data though…

@vincent sure, here's the one for J. of Cheminformatics: (but with less account info)

I also had a variant that looked for this info for all my (#wikidata-annotated) co-authors...

@egonw Yeah, it more crowded on the twitter side... Speaking of Wikidata, I wanted to ask you, I have been using wikidata at scale for NLP tasks for clients, but I want to work into applying this tech knowledge to research (especially drug research). What should I read to know what is the bleeding edge in this niche?

@vincent I'm curious, what sort of NLP task are you using Wikidata for?

@pintoch Wikidata + DBpedia spotlight ( ) allows for extracting entities from text and to have all the wikidata information about those entities. There's more sophisticated methods, but that's the starter pack. It's suprisingly powerful!

@vincent cool! DBpedia spotlight is very nice indeed :)

@vincent you already know the work of Andrew Su's group, I assume?

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